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Self-Discovery Episodes

May 28, 2020

S1E3 - Say My Name! (Dear Black Boy, I Love You)

This episode is emotion-filled and raw, yet still gifts coaching, cocktails, & conversations. Yes, I'm angry and disheartened, yet conditioned to see always see a glimmer of hope. May you remind yourself that IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK! …

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May 27, 2020

S1E2 - How to Help Courage Meet Your Fear (with Elmora Evans)

When was a time when YOUR Courage met your Fear? How did you feel? How did you overcome that fear? Wait....did you overcome it? Hmmmm, worth the pause right? In this episode, I bring you #COACHING (Minute 2:35) via an …

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May 13, 2020

S1E1 - How to Strengthen Your Foundation (What Do You Stand Upon?)

I'm just getting started! We're talking YOUR FOUNDATION, how you define it, and how you strengthen it! I use my inaugural episode to not only introduce the three components of my podcast, but to also gift you an exercise and …

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