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Nov. 17, 2021

S2E43 - BONUS - Dear Yesterday (An Original Poem by Lolita E. Walker)

S2E43 - BONUS - Dear Yesterday (An Original Poem by Lolita E. Walker)

In this special bonus episode, Lolita shares a soon-to-be published, original poem called "Dear Yesterday."  Written with the goal to acknowledge our past, sit in our today and look toward our future, this powerful spoken-word poetry is worth the listen.  Did you know that other spoken-word pieces are throughout Lolita's other podcast episodes? 

Hmmm, do you know which ones?  Check it out and consider leaving your response on her IG post for this episode. .

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Tap into this episode:

  • Minute 03.39 - Episode overview, including nervousness, yet claiming excitement
  • Minute 1.15 - Welcome
  • Minute 3.48 - Dear Yesterday, The Original Poem by Lolita E. Walker
  • Minute 7.30 - The After Chat with Lolita
  • Minute 9.17 - Personal Invitation to
  • Minute 10.17 - Another Personal Invitation - this time to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations:  The Transformation Group Coaching Program
  • Minute 11.40 - Thank You


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