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June 9, 2021

S2E31 - How To Craft The Story Behind You & Your Brand (with Dhomonique Murphy)

S2E31 - How To Craft The Story Behind You & Your Brand (with Dhomonique Murphy)

Dhomonique Murphy, a Media Master, 3x Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Mommy and Wife, is joining Lolita on this episode, for a power packed segment to help craft the story behind you and your brand.

Questions:  Do you consider yourself a brand? How would you shape the stories in your life to fully narrate the fullness of who you are? What would you say are your most memorable moments that can help shape someone else's life today? How do you turn, what seems to be your most tragic life experience, into a lesson learned, to propel you to leap further and farther?
Grab your pen and pad and don't miss the 5 strategies that Lolita leaves in COACHING, a celebration of COCKTAILS and cheers for the IG messages from power players from the Clubhouse audio app, and some good ole-fashioned CONVERSATIONS, where Domonique drops stories and mastery right here for you today.

It is a super fun and jam-packed mastermind that will shift your thinking forever!

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Show Breakdown:

  • 0.35 - A bit about Dhomonique Murphy
  • 1.55 - Welcome to CC&C
  • 2.29 - Powerful Affirmation from Walker & Walker Enterprises (
  • 2.40 - The Show Breakdown
  • 3.36- COACHING and Soul Work
  • 6.52 - COCKTAILS celebrating you.  
  • 11.05 - Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat Invite (
  • 12.45 - CONVERSATIONS with Dhomonique Murphy

Links and Things:

Contact Dhomonique and sign up for her upcoming Media Mastery Training at her Media Master Now website.  You don’t want to miss the value she is adding to you right away:

Contact Lolita:



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Dhomonique Murphy

3x Emmy Award Winning Journalist & Host + Media Master