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Nov. 17, 2022

S3E66 - The 10 Lessons I Learned that Can Be Applied to Anyone at Anytime

Join Lolita as she exudes pure excitement at the 10 lessons she cannot wait to share with you!  Over one weekend, it was nugget after nugget and win after win. Grab your CC&C Journal and let's get into it. Whether you apply it to work, life, or home, there is a bit of something for everyone!  Listen in and be sure to leave your 5-star review!

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Show Breakdown:

  • Minute 0.051:  Intro, Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Confirmations
  • Minute 1.20:  Shoutouts to my LI, FB, CH, YT, and Podcast Communities
  • Minute 3.09:  Personal Growth = Professional Success
  • Minute 3.40:  Lesson 10 by Lolita E. Walker - When you choose to pause, ideas will come your way
  • Minute 6.00:  Lesson 9 by Ms. Joanne Brown - You are never too seasoned to experience and explore
  • Minute 8.31:  Lesson 8 by Stacy Luckett - Experiencing firsts is a gamechanger
  • Minute 10.50:  Lesson 7 by Robin Brown - Sometimes loosing what you have worked hard on can give you a new perspective to keep going
  • Minute 14.14:  Lesson 6 by Dr. Lisa M. Jones - Big Stages!  In your comfort zone is where others can see your light.
  • Minute 16.04:  Lesson 5 by Sol Solcedo - Reflect to hold your ground.
  • Minute 17.15:  Lesson 4 by Tonya Davis - Managing time is as important as showing up.
  • Minute 19.07:  Lesson 3 by Jen Aks - When you express fully, you become free.
  • Minute 20.05:  Lesson 2 by Larisa Harrington - Immerse yourself into the moment.
  • Minute 21.17:  Lesson 1 by Dr. Safiyyah Rahman - Keep going and keep leveling up, _______ (insert your name).  Your transformations are too enormous to start shrinking now.
  • Minute 22.26:  A special invitation to you from Lolita
  • Minute 23.49:  Thank you



Please don't forget to leave a 5-star review, IF you gained anything from this episode.  I'd love to read it during the cocktails portion of the upcoming episode. AND, Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your journey,

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