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Sept. 3, 2022

S3E64 - How to Go From Cleaner to Wall Street to AI to Beyond (with Yan Yu)

S3E64 - How to Go From Cleaner to Wall Street to AI to Beyond (with Yan Yu)

Yan Yu has a story to tell and we can all gain a bit of insight from her share.  Imagine cleaning toilets and working in a factory day and night where the hustle was real.  Imagine now, this same you, as an analyst on the trading floor of Wall Street then to finally recognize that wow - it no longer serves me to be results-oriented!  Such a foreign concept to many of us.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

In this episode, Lolita and Yan talked about everything from gratefulness and faith to worthiness and temptation and so much more.

Yan can now be found in areas of ministry, health, finance, Metaverse, AI and so much more!  Tap into this episode to be reminded of what a bit of perseverance, honesty, and faith has the power to do.  

During this episode:

  • Minute 0.33 - Welcome
  • Minute 3.24 - Our individual takes on goal setting versus being results-oriented
  • Minute 4.30 - What Yan learned from Wall Street
  • Minute 6.15 - Temptation, results, risk-taking, realizing self-worth and gratefulness
  • Minute 8.00 - From Cleaner to Wall Street

Then Lolita leaves you with 5 Considerations to Lean into Your Self Worth.

  • Work on you and your development
  • Open doors to endless possibilities
  • Remember your strengths and leverage them daily
  • Tackle one problem at a time
  • Help is an asset - ASK!
  • To grab a deeper dive download on Self-Worth to leverage as a working resource, CLICK HERE

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