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July 20, 2022

S3E62 - How to Step into the Impending Recession

S3E62 - How to Step into the Impending Recession

Stepping into the impending recession is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is laced with fear, anxiety, stress and lots of doubt.  In this episode, Lolita talks directly to you.  Using the word STEP, Lolita leaves you with four considerations to begin to STEP differently and more intently, as we look to thrive in a recession.

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Are you ready?  Lean into each of these considerations, as Lolita engages with a live audience via Clubhouse, YouTube, Facebook (Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations), and Linked In.  

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 Show Breakdown:

  • Minute 2.24 - Shout out to Momentum Advisors - my saving grace
  • Minute 5.00 - Celebrating our Listeners
  • Minute 13.24 - A Soul Work Exercise for You
  • Minute 22.00 - Live Engagement
  • Minute 26.57 - An Invitation for You, From Lolita
  • Minute 31.09 - Sharing on the Creative Process
  • Minute 49.00 - Lolita Shares meaning of her First Book
  • Minute 54.00 - Exciting news!!!
  • Minute 55.19 - PhD Win:  A True Story of Stepping up
  • Minute 57.00 - Thank You

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