March 17, 2021

S2E25 - How the Unconventional Can Power Your Dreams (with Pauleanna Reid & Poet, D'Naia Bryant))

S2E25 - How the Unconventional Can Power Your Dreams (with Pauleanna Reid & Poet, D'Naia Bryant))

What were unconventional and used it to power your dreams?  Imagine being an executive assistant for 10 years and building a six-figure business from your cubicle?  You heard me right.  What if you sat in your "Queendom" during this Women's History Month and dared to live as you colored outside of the lines?  Imagine that!  In this episode, I am joined by Celebrity Ghost Writer and Power Communicator and Journalist, Pauleanna Reid and Phenomenal Poet, D'Naia Bryant.  Through their work and their words, we each leave empowered, with a few nuggets to leverage today and with a revised pep in our step.  Are you ready?  I'm #allin

Here's a breakdown of this power episode that is for each of you to listen time and time again and to share with others who will find the value in the amazing soul work that is within these 37 minutes.

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  • Minute 0:00 - Episode Overview
  • Minute 0:52 - Welcome
  • Minute 1:20 - Powerful Affirmation from - I am beyond the greatness that others have yet to see! #believeit
  • Minute 2:01 - Show Expectations
  • Minute 2:33 - Guest Introductions
  • Minute 3:47 - "Queendom" by Poet D'Naia Bryant to celebrate every women during this Women's History Month
  • Minute 7:20 - Coaching with Lolita E. Walker + a bit of Soul Work on being unconventional and helping you get at what is in your way. For 1-1 or group coaching, contact Lolita at 
  • Minute 12:14:  Cocktails to celebrate the greatness of each of you
  • Minute 14:54:  Conversations with  Pauleanna Reid, who shares her story, emphasizes the power of communication and how to strengthen your skills, turning conversations into leads and so much more.

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