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July 21, 2021

S234- How Kindness Can Help You Cope (with Ivory Tifa)

S234- How Kindness Can Help You Cope (with Ivory Tifa)

Ivory Tifa, Occupational Therapist, Poet and Kindness Doula joins Lolita E. Walker on this episode and it is soooo juicy.  It challenges your thinking a bit and helps each of us say hmmmm.

We are about to move a little differently after this episode here! Question:  When you are at your lowest, do you think of kindness as that "thing" that will help you cope and heal through it all?  Hmmm. #nojudgement but worth the thought.
Ivory not only shares an original poem entitled, "Would you do anything differently?" but she also draws an intersection between therapy, healing and kindness.  

Imagine being near the World Trade Center during 9/11, in a city with no family and your dorm room in shambles.  Would your first thought be to gift kindness?  You have to tune in.
We talk everything from walking into purpose and passion, recognizing you've been moving in your zone of genius every day, without even knowing working with children at the border to help them cope with trauma, random acts of kindness that we can do TODAY, plus so much more.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

The Show Breakdown:

  • minute .038 - Intro of Ivory
  • minute 1.50:  Welcome
  • minute 2.17:  Powerful affirmation from -" I am the kindness that pours into othes and I use the overflow to also replinish me."
  • minute 3.53:  COACHING, where Lolita leaves you with 4 reminders that kindness is gratitude in the giving.
  • minute 8.20:  COCKTAILS to celebrate the greatness of who each of you are
  • minute 11.30:  CONVERSATIONS with Ivory Tifa
  • minute 26.13:  Original Poem by Ivory Tifa

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  • YouTube - Ivory Tifa

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Ivory Tifa

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