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May 18, 2022

S3E57 - How to Use Your Uncommon to Power You (with David Spisak)

"We all have the ability to make someon's life better and to serve." This was only one of the quotes from David Spisak in this episode of how to use your uncommon to power you.  

Have you ever felt uncommon but leaned more into the common to power you?  David challenges that theory, as he talks everything from his strengths vs superpowers, thinking differently, optimizing your income, and his soul goal to "empty his head before he is dead."

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Lolita leaves you with 6 considerations of how to lean into your uncommon:

  • Challenge your thinking
  • Open your mind to endless possibilities
  • Make the most of your time
  • Move with connection and collaboration
  • Optimize your income
  • Next up is action

Show Breakdown:

  • Minute 2.05 - CC&C and About the Show
  • Minute 2.57 - Outline of the 6 considerations
  • Minute 8.21 - David Spisak
  • Minute 12.56 - David talks Strengths vs Superpowers
  • Minute 18.37 - Lolita talks her superpowers
  • Minute 19.50 - You are not different than the apps in your phone
  • Minute 32.37 - New Book Alert
  • Minute 43.30 - Paenting Tips according to David Spisak

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