July 29, 2020

S1E8 - How to Journey Forgiveness Freeway (It May Be Bumpy!)

S1E8 - How to Journey Forgiveness Freeway  (It May Be Bumpy!)

It's a bonus episode on Forgiveness! Why? Because so many of us struggle with this notion of making a deliberate decision to release the feelings of resentment toward someone who has harmed us, regardless of whether we actually believe they deserve our forgiveness. Lemmie ask you this, Who is forgiveness for? Are you willing to forgive?  The real question is, Will you forgive?  I talk about Forgiveness Freeway, Stop 6 in my book, "The Intersection of You & Change" (https://www.lolitawalker.com/the-book) and this episodes journeys you through the various sections at this stop (chapter). Whether you have my book or it is still on your to-do list, we chat through how we each may better embrace forgiveness, are reminded that forgiveness does not mean "to forget," and we even find a bit of time to craft our own forgiveness story during the conversations portion of this episode.

Sometimes we get caught up in the emotions, the hurt, and sometimes even the ego of it all, which hinders our progression forward.  How can we become our best self if we are holding on to the baggage that forgiveness is leaving around?  

Forgiveness Freeway is only one of seventeen stops within my book of self-discovery, motivation, empowerment, and both personal and professional growth. From Journey Junction to Gratitude Gateway, this will challenge your thinking today and I am super excited to get right into it! 

If you love what you hear, please grab your copy at https://www.lolitawalker.com/the-book

The affirmation that kicks off this episode is "I am a forgiver and I forgive me first."  Whew! Major right?  It sounds great, yet it's not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Today, I welcome you to the kitchen-table (minute 0:50), gift a bit of coaching & soul work (minute 4:36) to challenge your thinking, enjoy a few cocktails (minute 14:42) to celebrate all of the greatness you are, then we have some good ole fashioned conversations, just you & I (minute 16:36).  

In coaching, we hear a poetic acronym (F.O.R.E.G.I.V.E.N.E.S.S.) to set the tone, talk more about what it is, and hear a bit of my forgiveness story of divorce. Whewwwww chillleeeeee. During cocktails, I cheers to you and your wins, and conversations offer us a bit of reflection through questions directly from my book.  Of course, at the end of it all, I leave you with new strategies on how you can craft your own forgiveness story beginning today!  

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