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Jan. 31, 2024

How to Plant Seeds While Growing In the Weeds (with Lolita E Walker)

How to Plant Seeds While Growing In the Weeds (with Lolita E Walker)
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It's episode 93 and this title sounds like an oxymoron, right?  This episode is all about how to plant seeds while still growing in the weeds.  I have been in the weeds a time or two myself and it is not always the easiest place to get out of.  This episode will leave you with a few strategies to not only plant seeds but also get out of those weeds!


Details of the Episode:

  • Minute 0.05:  Welcome to CC&C
  • Minute 0.33:  Who am I?
  • Minute 1.55:  What does it mean when you are in the weeds?
  • Minute 2.34:  But what if...
  • Minute 3.24:  Acknoledge you are in the weeds
  • Minute 5.04:  Listen intently and without judgement
  • Minute 7.21:  Inspired to create
  • Minute 8.45:  When I am in my own weeds
  • Minute 11.00:  Reframing perspective
  • Minute 11.37:  Nobody puts baby in a box
  • Minute 13.57:  Cleaning out your weeds to nourish others
  • Minute 17.46:  Recapping the episode
  • Minute 18.00:  Outro, invitation, and connections

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