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Nov. 24, 2020

S1E17 - Ladies, It's Your Season to TILT (with Sha'meca Latai)

S1E17 - Ladies, It's Your Season to TILT (with Sha'meca Latai)

This special episode is focused on The Ladies!  with a simple message:  IT IS YOUR SEASON!  For my faithful 10% male listeners, be sure to also pass this along to the power women in your life!  BECAUSE WHAT IF I were to tell you this is your season?

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

On this episode, I leave you w/ four strategies on how you can begin to TILT you into your season.  I share my favorite piece of every season and I challenge you with the question, "how do you feel in each of these four seasons?"  IT IS YOUR SEASON because you are a compilation of them all.  Let’s TILT into 20201 with intention. 

What if:

  • Tomorrow was not promised
  • "I am" was at the foundation that you stood upon
  • Laying down your hurt and leaving it at the bus stop was something you were willing to do TODAY?
  • Telling your narrative was on your own time and terms because you were able to recognize that in your season, you AND others were growing?  

How would you tilt differently into your days? weeks? months? and years? 

From nuggets such as the “uncommon woman,” which part of your truth will set you free, checking on your "poverished mindset,” standing in your gifts, and generational stigmas that may no longer serve you, we hit on so many aspects of you!

Grab your CC&C journal at and let’s go.  Here are a few key moments:

  • Welcome (0:17.61)
  • Affirmation (0:54) I am armed to face my fears and dare them to stop my joy
  • Sponsor (2:53) shop.glitzngarb with a 20% discount code
  • Coaching (3:53) with soul work that leaves you with the four strategies of how to TILT
  • Cocktails (10:56) with a special shout out to candiecakes nyc for that amazing review! Thank you so much!  Listen to full review (33:08)
  • Conversations (12:25) with Sha’Meca Latai, Root Coach. Founder of Women Who Lead Connect, who helps us grow by standing on God’s Glory to grab you "from the root." 
  • Come as you are round (26:15) where I throw 3 questions and Sha’Meca answers right away

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