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Feb. 3, 2021

S2E22 - How to Shift Your Perspective of Fear (with Jaime Alexis-Fowler)

S2E22 - How to Shift Your Perspective of Fear (with Jaime Alexis-Fowler)

How do your fears translate into how you show up at work and life? What if you could shift the lenses of life to offer you a new perspective each time you faced fear? Novel idea right?!  I knooowwwwww!  On this episode, Jamie Alexis-Fowler, of Empower Work, is joining Lolita Walker at the kitchen table for some good-ole-fashioned conversations on what you can do today to begin to shift your perspective on fear!

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Here's the rundown:

Today's affirmation is "I am a shifter of perspective so that I may shape and reshape my lens on life."

  • Welcome (min 0.22)
  • A Bit About our Guest (min 2:09)
  • Black Business Sponsor:  Pure Romance by Kanika (min 3:18) including a special savings code when you text the phrase "kitchen table" to 530-763-3648.  Head over to take a browse at .
  • Coaching & Soul Work (min 4:16) to include today's affirmation from .  Today's soul-work gifts 4 considerations for shifting your FEAR through an exercise of imagery Face your fears head on, Experience vulnerability, Accept where you are in this very moment and Remember that fear is an emotion
  • Cocktails (min 11:30) to include a cheers to Matshidiso Lee, who left my latest 5-star podcast review
  • Conversations (min 13:27) with Jaime.  It's a good one yall

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