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Powerful episode powerful Message
I listened to the “Say my name” bonus episode. You can feel every ounce of her pain, every ounce of her frustrations and every ounce of love she has for our community. Her words are impactful. I look forward to listening to her previous episodes. Thanks sis for your work in this podcast arena. It is needed.

Uplifting & Powerful
When Lolita speaks, you can’t help but listen!! She is welcoming, inspiring, and empowering, and the passion she has for helping others shines through. She openly shares her past struggles and coaching techniques in order to help us both face and overcome what is holding us back. Throughout her podcasts I feel as though I’m right there with her-having a conversation, all while she reminds me of my greatness and encourages me to become the person I am meant to be. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow throughout all that Lolita has to offer. Thank you for this uplifting gem!!

Great Job!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. The host Lolita has a welcoming voice that draws you in. She is passionate about her topic and it shows. She connects with the audience by injecting her personal testimony that lets you know she understand where you are and she will have no challenge meeting you there. She gives actionable advice and leaves the listener with a sense of connection. I have no doubt that her audience will be anxious to hear her next episode. She does a wonderful job

So Inspiring
This podcast is so needed in the midst of all that is going on. You need more stories of hope and inspiration. Thank you for creating this podcast and I look foward to upcoming episdoes! I will definetly pass this along for others to subscribe!

All heart
Very moving and straight from the heart of a strong mother, a strong woman! Keep it up, Lolita!!

Great things to come
Although this is the first episode, I can see that this podcast has great potential. The hostess has laid out the structure and what you can expect (which sounds like real talk and sound advice.) As a published author, speaker and life coach, her experience and training sets her apart from the rest.

Strengthening Your Foundation
Excellent really! Lolita’s podcast is structured and well thought out, and full of nuggets. She guides listeners by asking thought provoking questions. She gets us to start the process of digging deeper. Great analogy using a foundation... cracks... doubt, fear and other negatives that seep in between the cracks. One of Lolita’s strengths is being very fluid (certain) when she speaks. She doesn’t hesitate and speaks confidently! Really great job! This podcast lives up to it’s title!

A powerful message to start my day!
Wow! Lolita is a powerhouse and I can't wait to hear more episodes. I love her conversational, down-to-earth style and practical actions steps a.k.a. "soul work" for personal growth!