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✨Lolita is God’s Gift, PERIODT!
I have had the pleasure of spending the day with Lolita on CH and listening to her and being able to interact with her has absolutely CHANGED👏🏽MY👏🏽LIFE👏🏽!!!! Do your soul a favor and listen to this podcast. Lolita is an absolute God’s Gift!💛 And I am forever Grateful for her. Her voice is both Powerful and Captivating !!!

This podcast is amazing because Lolita is amazing! She is knowledgeable and encouraging, and has a perfect podcast voice. Her coaching is spot-on because her authenticity shines through. The cocktails are great reminders to celebrate the wins in our lives. Cheers! And her conversations are riveting because guests not only share their stories (which is a powerful learning/teaching modality) but also because of her excellent listening and synthesis skills, and poignant questions. Simply amazing! I recommend this podcast to anyone willing to do the soul work for self-improvement, or who needs a reminder of their greatness, because there is greatness within us all. Well done, Coach Walker!

Juicy Podcast
I first heard Lolita speak on the Clubhouse app and it was no surprise that her 🔥 transferred over to this podcast. Her ability to make you feel that you are speaking directly to her and her guests at her “kitchen table” is such a gift. Thanks Lolita for continuing to show up. I’ve subscribed and can’t wait to hear more episodes.

Man oh man! Best podcast ever!
The inmates love it. This helps them get their minds right to re-enter the world. It’s not a lot of resources like you out there. Thanks for being you. This podcast is EXCELLENT.

LoliTa w/a T
You are Phenomenal & Wise Beyond Your Years!!! Thank You for Bringing Inspiration & Hope… Not only to My Life but too Many!!! Love YOU & Many Blessings My BWC SisTer

Lolita's energy is incredible. She asks her guests great questions that inspire listeners to take action. It's fun, engaging, and inspiring. 10/10.

Worth the listen!
Definitely a podcast for your primary playlist! The topics are so authentic!!!

Soulful Acronyms
I can always count on Lolita to share an acronym that is not only memorable but challenges me to think beyond the obvious and to remember my God given power. With her energy, you can’t help but be motivated to strive to be the most authentic version of yourself!!!

Life Changing !!!
To say that Lolita Walker’s power tips

Hostess with the MOSTEST! 🦄🍹👑
Lolita “with a T” Walker, 💜💯thank you again for consistently bringing us the most JUICEY of conversations! Cheers 🥂 I LOVE YOU! For real for real xo 😘 Every guest has been PRICELESS 🙏🏽💫😎 Thank y’all for sharing your ❤️‍🔥hearts! - Can’t wait for next one! Sitting in my PAUSE until next episode drops 😜 Big ole Hugs from Houston, 💖 Sheila

taking a moment
Lolita has truly helped me through a difficult time, remembering that there is magic in taking a moment to reflect and re-assess my life. Her voice is hypnotic and soothing, her wisdom sage and grounded. I could listen to her all day! Much love and I can't wait to hear more

I’m Hooked!!
My sister recommended this podcast to me and WOW OH WOW! Started on episode 1 and you would think it’s a Netflix series because I only stop for the bathroom and food!! I love it because each time,I felt like I was at the kitchen table grabbing all of the tea and being coached at the same time. You don’t even need a cocktail to enjoy all of the conversation. Thanks so much. Lemme get back to the episodes.

My new fav!
Where have I been? This podcast is amazing. I laughed, almost cried and felt myself immersed into the coaching, the cocktails and the conversations. I binged three episodes at once and can’t wait to hear the rest. Keep on bringing the 🔥🔥and I’ll have my comfortable seat already pulled up, as you always say! Good stuff. If you are looking for a podcast that coaches while you have a bit of fun, look no further. You’ve made it to the right place.

Inspiring and Insightful
Always inspiring and insightful….feeds the soul and mind!

Lolita is the truth!
I love this podcast! Lolita is an excellent interviewer and stays true to herself. Always in coaching mode, she pulls out the best in her guests and listeners as well. Be sure to grab your pens because there’s always takeaways and tips to help you transition into a better you. Subscribe, turn on your notifications, and enjoy the ride! Cheers to the new you!

Absolutely A Must Listen Podcast 🔥
I just love the structure of Lolita’s podcast. Listening to every episode just takes you on an AMAZING JOURNEY! She also has the best guest on her podcast, if I can say so myself 🤣🤣. Subscribe, listen, and implement!! 🥰 -Nasir Joachim

Persuaded into Greatness
LoliTa has the power to persuade you to see the greatness within. She speaks to the weakened you to draws out your strengths! She is an amazing person! Her energetic personality & down to earth spirit keeps you wanting to listen to more! I love this podcast! I love the guest being vulnerable because they may spark something in someone else! Thank you Lolita !

#1 Fan
I am a huge fan of everything that Lolita puts her name to. She has a gift for bringing a blend of so many unique elements to her podcast: elements of growth, of intellectual stimulation, of caring and heart, and elements of humor. I really do feel like I’m sitting at the kitchen table with her. And she covers a diverse array of topics with excellent guests. Thank you for all that you do Lolita!!

Love this show!
I absolutely love this show! I feel like every time I hear Lolita speak it is just POWERFUL! Thank you for your boldness and life changing conversations.

Absolutely Love, Love, Love
Everything about this podcast I absolutely love. Lolita your coaching is always on time and on point. The bullets are a highlight for me- I love the way you connect it all and give us pause to think deeply and intentionally!❣️ ~Neshonne McD.

All I can say is WOW. Lolita, you’re inspiring. David is inspiring, and I am excited to continue to listen to every episode on your podcast. You make everyone feel at ease and willing to open up, and I appreciate that. When David Bianchi said, “keep falling, keep falling forward.” -Denzel Washington truly spoke to my heart... Thank you!

How the Unconventional Can Power Your Dreams
Bravo! This topic was just what the doctor ordered! From hearing the amazing poem “Queendom” to seizing opportunity to ultimately change the trajectory of life, I was lifted and empowered! Pauleena Reid...... yes, yes, yes! I certainly drink from the cup of everything that I need is inside of me, and I celebrate you for raising your hand when your name was called! Lolita, thank you for sharing your amazing gift of LOVE! It is because of the love that you have as well as your ability to obey, commit, and persist that creation knows and grows! You are needed for such a time as this! Blessings, Stacy Luckett

God’s Work!!!
What an amazing tribute to our mothers, daughters, and sisters! This is truly important work and it comes at such an appropriate time. Thank you for allowing me to have a voice here! I am humbled by your consideration. Looking forward to future podcasts! What quality & production! Beautiful!

Empowering and insightful!
I absolutely love this podcast! All the truths and empowering content has been so impactful! If you're looking for a podcast that challenges your thought processes for the better, this is it. And the exercises are so simple to implement. Thanks Lolita!

Just Fabulous
I love this podcast so much because Lolita’s topics are always right on time. Rarely do I feel so read—in a good way, lol. It’s like she knows exactly what the collective is experiencing and how to get us through to the other side. I look forward to the exercises because they’re simple, straightforward, and oh so helpful!! If you engage freely and openly, there’s no way you can’t come out better than before.

Dropping gems for self-work
As a subscriber from episode 2 or 3, 3C (Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations) has provided so much great, necessary advice and information, especially on fixing one's mindset and approach to "pain." Not everyone can afford coaching and/or therapy. Ms Walker proves some of both to the world FOR FREE (say what?). Subscribe & listen; you will NOT regret it.

Smart & Authentic
This show is pragmatic, smart, and real. Lolita is a fantastic interviewer. She asks compelling questions and she lays down honest, valuable feedback and response. She’s also wise with a magnetic personality. This show will upgrade you.

Powerful, Empowering and NEEDED
Lolita’s message and work in the world is so needed. I love how intentional she is with her daily affirmations, how generous she is with her knowledge and how empowering she is with her belief in not only herself but in ALL of us! Highly recommend tuning in, opening your heart and welcoming her powerful and much needed voice into your life.

This is exactly what EVERY sister needs!
In times of uncertainty and hardship, this is exactly what women on color need, inspiration and affirmation! Thank you Soror Lolita Walker for telling every black woman, despite their trails and tribulations, they are worthy and belong!! From these podcast, two things are evident; walk in your purpose and always show up, unapologetically YOU!

Listen to this for a little spark in your life!
Lolita is a blessing in life. She’s a firecracker and I am so grateful that she crossed my path. Her podcast is a blend of exactly what it’s called. Her coaching is pure and it grounded me in ways I didn’t know I needed. Her conversations with her guests at her kitchen table made me feel like I was right there in the kitchen. This is what I was looking for without knowing I was looking. Listen in and pull up a chair!