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Genuine and Soothing
I’ve listened to the first episode and will be listening to more!! Lolita shares personal experience and calmly explains how to celebrate you!! She clearly explains her goals and genuinely supports her listeners and encourages them to think deeply about all things (how to strengthen your foundation in this episode). She is confident in her knowledge. Absolutely love!

As a black male, I love the perspective that Lolita shares. I know it will help to challenge myself as I continue to push forward. Thanks so much for your candor and humor.

Truthfully when I saw it was a male speaking on the subject I was a little skeptical but this man broke down the topic very well and spoke some good points. Also, Lolita’s points were awesome as well in my experience I have only had a select few female supervisors who didn’t over compensate their authority because of their heavily male dominated industries! GREAT PRESENTATION and thanks for the knowledge and another perspective!!

This is my journey
Soo purposeful and necessary. So many people are in the midst of rediscovering themselves. I tell ya.. I’m so glad to have to have virtually met you! You just get me excited to be and do more! Keep killing it sis! Kudos. I’m listening and watching. 👀 . Randmlyrasheeda

Lolita is very inspiring. Her podcast will energize you and motivate you to keep moving forward. Love it!

Lolita is so uplifting and I absolutely LOVE the Pause!!! Such a powerful host ✨

Leadership Untapped: How to Climb the L.E.A.D. Ladder
Leadership is not a title, leadership is action. The action to connect with the individual, communicate, empower and be authentic. The episode “Leadership Untapped: How to Climb the L.E.A.D. Ladder” takes the listener through the acronym L.E.A.D. Leaders are more than individuals in the corporate office with titles, leaders can be found in the everyday person and the “kitchen table” talk allows the listener to identify the untapped leadership within themselves. This is a must listen to episode. Lolita, great job an engaging and thoughtful conversation.

Man, I need the episode. Since listening to this I have found peace and I have move up ward and onward. Lolita is amazing at saying what you need to here when you need to hear it.

WOW! Forgiveness Freeway.
Whew! What a powerful episode. Thank you so much for digging deep and sharing yourself with us. Your vulnerability is so inspiring. Thank you for these amazing “soul work” exercises. They are so helpful. I love them!!! I am up to date and can’t wait for the next one.

Put Me in Coach!
I had the cocktails. I had the conversations. I didn’t know I needed the coaching! My wife came downstairs to the man cave to tell me that tomorrow, she wanted to do something amazing. She told me to bring a cocktail and meet here at 7. She had snacks, we had cocktails, and next thing you know, we were binge listening to the entire season!! I must admit that each episode opened the door for a new conversation with my wife and that in itself is worth this review! Thanks Lolita. We plan on listening again and again.

I’m ALL IN!!! So Excited!
I didn’t realize that Lolita had a podcast!! How did I miss this?? OMG, glad I found it . I’ve been to Lolita’s Women’s Retreat in the past and LOVE how she coaches. It’s just like talking to your best girlfriend over a cocktail and laughs, while you are having the greatest conversation ever! Lolita helped me reach my “creative me,” as she calls it, and I’m so excited to hear what she is sharing in each podcast. From the two episodes I just listened to, IM ALL IN!!!!!

Outstanding! My new go-to!
Lolita is energetic and on point! Her podcast was recommended to me and I am not disappointed. Best of all is her ability to give such amazing imagery in each episode to bring her key points home. I came to listen to one episode and I am three episodes in. Cannot wait to pick up where I left off! This is a great podcast. I would recommend it.

Can’t wait for the next episode
Informative and engaging. I loved Lolita’s “soul work” in the three episodes I listened to. I grabbed my CC&C journal from her website and can’t wait for the next episode. Great work. I subscribed too.

Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations!
Who doesn’t need coaching, cocktails, & conversations? I LOVE this podcast! Lolita is so relatable and as a more seasoned listener, I could still feel myself in the moments she shared. If you are ready to be lifted, this is motivation and discover and sharing and celebrating. I subscribed. Good job Lolita.

Comfort for the Soul💞
Each podcast has such a transparent comforting vibe; the Coach Lolita is relatable & makes you feel open to receive her message. Keep motivating & encouraging us Lolita💓💓

Grabbing My Power!
I love the podcast because Lolita makes me think about things differently. Some of the concepts, you think, hmmmm ok I bet I do this already but then she gives an exercise which is so creative and thoughtful. I also attend her Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations zoom-cast every other week, which is excellent as well. Great job Lolita. Thank you.

Beautiful ✨💙
I love how engaging and honest this podcast is , it makes you stop and think in a world that’s so hectic. Much needed !

Who doesn’t need a friend who only strives to build you up. That’s Lolita — and I’m so thrilled to have found her podcast.

Simply Wonderful!
These podcasts are wonderful! Lolita has a warm and inviting voice that is energizing and powerful. Her topics are relevant and cause you to stop, think and reflect. Add this wonderful gem to your podcast rotation!

I stumbled across this podcast and I am so thrilled that I did. Lolita is true to her podcast title, which I LOVE! The stories are relatable, the exercises challenge my thinking, and I find myself talking directly to her as she spoke. Its funny that I came looking for another podcast and five episodes later, I've found just what I needed. Thanks Lolita. I have subscribed and am a fan. Can't wait till Wednesday!!!!

After a long STRESSFUL day, I can come home and relax to a refreshing topic to readjust my SOUL back to its center. Thank you Lolita for the helpful reminders.

This is real “soul” food!!!
This is a powerful, life-shifting podcast that equips you with the inspiration and tools to uplevel your life. With her sister-friendly style and captivating voice, Lolita has a way of tapping into your inner power all while making you feel right at home with her kitchen table talk. Her wisdom and this podcast are truly food for the soul.

Lolita is a rising star in this space. I stumbled on this one and now I’m hooked!

A Star for all the Value Add...
1. Inviting 2. Raw 3. Digestible 4. Substantive 5. Actionable Give it a listen. Bet you won’t listen just once.

I absolutely love listening to Lolita and her powerful words of encouragement. Listening to her has propelled me to the next level of being. Thank You Ms. Lolita

I can't get enough of the motivating conversations and powerful tips shared by Lolita. Each episode has a clear focus and coaches me to become my best self. I look forward to each episode and I always listen as if we are across from each other, like a kitchen conversation. I connect with each topic and I encourage others to get comfy and let your soul be filled with nourishment. I am hooked.

In every episode Lolita is showing up as an affirming coach and creating a safe space to dig deep into who We are, our foundation, gifts and strengths. She is a promoter of our power as women! She is and empowered woman empowering women!! Lolita is teaching me to celebrate my authentic self.

What A Joyful Human
Lolita is the sister friend we all need, with the professional skills to help us manage the inevitable changes in our lives. She serves all of that and more with such a bright, and energetic glow you can feel through her show. Keep going Lolita! Thank you for all you do!!

So powerful
Lolita speaks like she is speaking directly to you. This podcast is informative, emotional but also will make you smile and feel empowered. A must listen. So proud to know you <3

Raw and Exciting. Just What I Needed!
Where has Lolita been? This podcast is AMAZING! I listened to Episode #3, which then had me to go back to #1 AND #2. She was not only sincere and I felt right at home at her kitchen table, but she coaches in a way that I loved listening and learning! I downloaded her free CC&C journal from her website and it was awesome. Thanks so much Lolita. I am a new subscriber and fan. Can’t wait for the next episode.