June 24, 2020

S1E5 - Who's At Your Playground? Challenging Our Status Quo (with Mariangela Abeo)

S1E5 - Who's At Your Playground?  Challenging Our Status Quo (with Mariangela Abeo)

* EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IN ONE SECTION * Today, during conversations, we are joined by Mariangela Abeo, photographer and founder of The Faces of Fortitude Project. We talk everything from her childhood trauma to white privilege, to steps you can take to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Everything is based on knowing "who is at your playground" and challenging our status quo. Are you ready? Let's dive into some coaching, cocktails, and conversations.

“I am honest and live in my truth,” is the affirmation that kicks off this episode, which challenges your answer to the question of who is at your playground? and how do you acknowledge & engage? In a world where judging is often first of mind, assuming is a close second, & fear of our differences oftentimes crowd our space, we talk all about challenging our status quo with a focus on diversity and inclusion and thinking through who is really at our playground.  I gift a bit of coaching (minute 3:00) to challenge your thinking, with a bit of soul work and a story on bullies, enjoy a few cocktails (minute 12:03) to celebrate greatness, then we have some kitchen-table conversations with Mariangela Abeo (minute 13:37), suicide survivor, founder & photographer of The Faces Of Fortitude Project, TEDx speaker, & podcaster.  I ask you again, are you honest and live in your truth?

In coaching, I ask you to imagine there’s a playground right outside of your window. You’ve been wanting to go all day and now is finally your time. You take a glance over and see a host of folks there, some think like you, some you can see differences in right away. What goes through your mind as you decide if you will go over? What biases dance in your head? During cocktails, we give a cheers to you! and conversations take us from childhood to our 40's, self-discovery, being unapolgetic, walking into fear, and even to the Seattle riots where Mariangela shares a story that lays out white privilege on a silver platter right before our eyes.   Who is at your playground and are you being honest and living in your truth?  **Don't forget to subscribe and review!**

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