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Jan. 20, 2021

S2E21- How To Liberate Your Authentic Self (with Cameo King)

S2E21- How To Liberate Your Authentic Self (with Cameo King)

Is "authenticity" a buzz word or is it a way of life? In this episode, we talk truth, liberation, direction setting, empathy, empowerment, self-awareness, reflection and everything in between. You'll even grab an exercise of soul-work that asks the question, "What if you were a house?" Hmmmmm......

I am joined by Cameo King, global leader, podcaster, business owner and powerhouse of all things "living authentically," for great conversations.  Please don't forget to listen, subscribe and leave an amazing review IF you are fining value in these episodes and soul-work.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

The LineUp

  • Min 0.59:  Powerful Affirmation from Walker & Walker Enterprises:  I am Unique, I am special, I am crafted to be free.  Grab yours at
  • Min 1:39:  Podcast structure for newbies
  • Min 2:16:  Learn more of Cameo King
  • Min 3:26:  Virtual Women's Retreat Sponsor Ad - February 2021 Retreat ( is when you will be pushed beyond your complacency with a bit of accountability.  Register today.
  • Min 4:40 minutes:  Coaching & Soul Work, where I take you through an exercise of imagery, using a house to depict liberating your most authentic self…hmmmmm.  We start with the questions, What do you think of when you think of the word liberate?  How does that meet your definition of authenticity?  How can you liberate your most authentic self?  There's also a reminder of two episodes of great reference: episodes 10 (writing & owning your journey) and 18 (finding the essence of your truth)
  • Min 13:42:  Cocktails to celebrate the greatness of who you are when you show up
  • Min 15:55:  Conversations with Cameo King, where she leaves us with advise from motivational speaker and past employer, Eric Thomas, three stories that we often tell ourselves and nuggets that help us liberate our authentic selves TODAY! alongside 4 considerations in the acronym, S.E.L.F.


  • Self awareness, self-reflection and self-accountabililty
  • Empathy and empowerment
  • Living in your truth an owning your narrative.
  • Force your truth

You ready?  So am I #letsgo

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