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June 22, 2022

S3E59 - How to Become an inFLOWential CEO (with Stacy Raske)

This episode is for all of my purpose-driven trailblazers.  Do we suffer, while still holding a badge of honor?  or Do youflow with the expectation to lead with integrity, power and being?  Meet Stacy Raske, speaker, author, podcaster, Iraq veteran, inFLOWential activator, and TV peresonality, Stacy has joined Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Podcast to chat with Lolita about standing on your foundation, being a leader who serves through leadership, leaping over blocks we see as leaders and the notion of being, not simply doing.  Lean in, as Stacy and Lolita leave you with tips and strategies to consider, as you become an inFLOWential leader.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Show Breakdown:

  • Minute 0.24 - Welcome
  • Minute 0.52 - Who is Lolita E. Walker
  • Minute 7.33 - Functioning in Control and all of the challenges
  • Minute 13.42 - Blocks we see in leaders
  • Minute 16.02 - When meeting to meeting becomes everyday, what do you do?
  • Minute 20.51 - The difference between wins and successes
  • Minute 21.29 - An invitation from Lolita
  • Minute 34.00 - Challenging limiting beliefs
  • Minute 34.34 - Recovering from Rock Bottom Moments
  • Minute36.49 - When You Should Call Stacy
  • Minute 41.35 - Thank You

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