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Dr. Janie Lacy

America's Favorite Psychotherapist

S2E33 - How to Break From Toxic Relationships (with Dr. Janie Lacy)

In this episode, Dr. Janie Lacy comes with the FIRE to help us break from toxic relationships. Why? Because when we give ourselves permission to heal, we can and will change a nation.   Are you surrounded by toxicity? Hmmm, Are you a toxic-disher?  Well, plan to grab a few laughs, take a few notes and think differently after listening in on this episode.  I absolutely love this discussion. As a Psychotherapist, Dr. Lacy walks us through 3 pillars of mindset, inner child work and body work, then challenges us on how we show up in other people's lives. From making hard decisions to getting out of denial to then letting go of shame, Dr. Janie pushes us to think differently and act now.