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Aug. 24, 2023

S4E86 - How to Help Others to Help You

S4E86 - How to Help Others to Help You

This episode is all about how to help others to help you.  Far too often we struggle with asking and receiving.  In this episode, we chat with a live audience on a few strategies to ensure that you are helping yourself as you continue to soar.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

In this episode, you can expect:

  • Minute 0.14 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations
  • Minute 1.34 - Whhat you will walk away with today
  • Minute 2.30 - Diving in and vulnerable moments
  • Minute 3.00 - Blueprinting success
  • Minute 4.20 - Clarity + Confidence = Commitment
  • Minute 7.15 - 11 aspects of life, according to Lolita E. Walker
  • Minute 7.42 - Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • Minute 9.33 - My sotry of Communication and accountability
  • Minute 11.00 - What is in your strengths and skillsets to execute
  • Minute 12.15 - Being specific, open, concise with communication
  • Minute 16.03 - Adjust accordingly
  • Minute 19.00 - A live guest consideration
  • Minute 20.40 - Sitting in the power of complacency
  • Minute 21.20 - Productivity vs busy
  • Minute 22.03 - Testimonial from retreat attendee
  • Minute 23.14 - Write your milestones
  • Minute 25.58 - Celebrate your wins
  • Minute 26.38 - Live chat with listener
  • Minute 29.59 - Follow through!

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