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June 29, 2023

S4E82 - How to Stand in Your "Pull" During Your "Push" (with Lolita E. Walker)

S4E82 - How to Stand in Your

How often do we rely solely on our "push?"  Join me for a live conversation to chat about how to stand on our "pull" even during our "push."  Wondering how this can benefit you?  Well, grab your Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations journal from and grab these strategies that I'm so excited to share!  And of course, spread the love by sharing and leaving your 5-star review on apple podcasts and amazon.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

In this episode:

  • Minute 0.04 - Hello to all of the streaming and replay places and spaces
  • Minute 0.27 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations
  • Minute 0.54 - Jumping into the topic
  • Minute 1.44 - How much do we push?
  • Minute 3.25 - What if....
  • Minute 4.23 - Standing on our Pull.  Pay attention to the signs and signals.
  • Minute 4.47 - An example of pulling is "asking"
  • Minute 9.10 - A drip of soul work - an exercise just for you
  • Minute 11.44 - Unlock the shackles we put on ourselves
  • Minute 13.29 - Laugh while you live
  • Minute 17.13 - Check out, where I am also a podcast co-host and contributor
  • Minute 19.05 - The push and pull of my women's weekend renewal retreat (
  • Minute 23.35 - The dance of push and pull with a live audience
  • Minute 26.30 - Confirmation by another listener - let's celebrate
  • Minute 28.35 - You are invited to my women's weekend renewal retreat
  • Minute 29.50 - Outro and how to stay connected

I am so excited at the endless possiblilities within each of us.  Please stay connected:



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