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March 22, 2023

S4E73 - How to Rewrite the Story of Your Existence (with Lolita E Walker)

S4E73 - How to Rewrite the Story of Your Existence (with Lolita E Walker)

What if you chose to start your new narrative today?  What if you chose to rewrite the story - YOUR STORY?! This episode is one of power and motivation.  It is one that will shift you to a renewed action.  Recorded live on several platforms, join the conversation and be sure to leave your 5 star review at

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

In this episode:

  • Minute 1.23:  Who is Lolita E. Walker?
  • Minute 1.45:  Shout out to Verneda Adele
  • Minute 2.10:  Introduction of Powerful Strategies
  • Minute 3.50:  Using My Gifts
  • Minute 5.17:  Our Stories Shape our Feelings
  • Minute 6.14:  Shifting Toward Clarity
  • Minute 7.19:  What did Beyonce just Say?
  • Minute 7.45:  Journal Prompt for You
  • Minute 9.09:  Tailoring Your Words
  • Minute 10.30:  Strength Soul Work and the Power of Affirmation
  • Minute 14.00:  Outside helps to explore the Inside
  • Minute 15.00:  The Divorce, The Feeling, The Journey
  • Minute 16.12:  Cheers from Lynn Luckett
  • Minute 17.00:  Reflect to Project
  • Minute 17.39:  Soul Work to Reflect
  • Minute 18.57:  Knowing Your Why
  • Minute 19.20:  Yes to You
  • Minute 21.04:  Reviewing Strategies
  • Minute 24.16:  A Cocktail and Cheers for You & I
  • Minute 24.42:  Ramon Ray
  • Minute 28.11:  Group Coaching
  • Minute 29.35:  Thanks for joining Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with Lolita E. Walker




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