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Jan. 4, 2023

S3E69 - How that ONE Thing Separates the Best from the Rest (with Walker G. Bishop)

S3E69 - How that ONE Thing Separates the Best from the Rest (with Walker G. Bishop)

Join Lolita as she brings on a special 10-year old guest, Walker G. Bishop.  She and her son talk with a live audience on that ONE thing that separates the best from the rest.  From leadership to affirmations to walking in your greatness and a powerful affirmation that you can take with you, Lolita and Walker offer you an epiosde that you don't want to miss.  Grab your CC&C Journal and let's get into it!

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Show breakdown:

  • 08:    Intro to the podcast with Walker G. Bishop
  • 36: Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations
  • 01: How I got my son to do this podcast episode with me
  • 1:40: The ending to a powerful affirmation by Walker G. Bishop
  • 2:35: Sometimes you not only believe it, but that belief helps you achieve it
  • 3:05:    How to leverage this within your communities
  • 3:42: Comments & Cocktails from the live audience
  • 5:44:    Order your steps
  • 7:50: How do you know that your steps are already ordered?
  • 8:40:    A reminder to never give up
  • 10:22: A reminder that you have a whole army supporting you
  • 11:20: When sadness arises, how do you remember that you are ONE of the best
  • 12:44: Exercise your mind, your body, and your spirit
  • 14:35: Recap of the O.N.E. acronym
  • 14:54: Advice from Walker G. Bishop
  • 15:19: Comments from a live audience
  • 17:25: Reminder to Walker that he could be talking to the youth
  • 19:14: How do you know that you are the best and are separated from the rest?
  • 20:20: The power of I Am
  • 12:10: Walker shares his powerful affirmation with you
  • 25:30: Activating your greatness
  • 26:00: The power of simply showing up
  • 27:07: Be great because you are great
  • 27:20: Thank you to each of you and stay connected on all social platforms          
  • 27:46: Thank you

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