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Aug. 27, 2021

S2E36 - How to Cultivate a Culture of Learning, Growing & Being (with Culture Craig Foreman)

S2E36 - How to Cultivate a Culture of Learning, Growing & Being (with Culture Craig Foreman)

"I am the change for the culture that I want to see."  That is the powerful affirmation that kicked off this episode & it doesn't stop there! Power-guest, Culture Craig Foreman, is joining us today.  Would you believe me if I told you that we'd never met in person and when we did for the first time, I asked him to record a podcast episode, hahah, on the spot?!

This is a discussion amongst audio friends, who met in person for the first time and it is SUPER JUICY.  We talk everything from tapping into your full potential to defining culture at the fundamental base level, intention, leaders and the culture that they establish and so much more. 

Hold onto your heart and catch this bonus of Craig challenging me and my leadership style.  Do I truly lead in fear??? Ahhhhhh, say it ain't so haha. 

Tap into this episode, where Craig and I chat 7 considerations for how to cultivate a healthy culture of growing, leading and being.  May you use this episode to challenge your thinking and shift a bit differently.  It may be my most fun conversation ever.

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Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:  The Podcast with Lolita E. Walker

Breakdown of the show

  • minute 03:56 Welcome
  • minute 1: 06  Affirmation from
  • minute 1:29  Intro and show breakdown
  • minute 4:54  COACHING, where I leave you with 7 strategies to consider as you cultivate a healthy, learning, growing and being culture. Grab your notebooks because we go all the way in.
  • minute 11:11 COCKTAILS, where I gift three cheers to celebrate the greatness of who you are
  • minute 12:42 A call out from Veneque
  • minute14:01 CONVERSATIONS with Culture Craig, where we laugh, give cheers, listen to the wind chimes and watch the trees, as we chat it all.  



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