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June 23, 2021

S2E32 How to Strengthen Your Current Condition (with Coach Isaac Brown)

S2E32 How to Strengthen Your Current Condition (with Coach Isaac Brown)
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Show Breakdown:

  • Minute 0.58 - Welcome
  • Minute 1.46  - Powerful Affirmation from Walker & Walker Enterprises - I am a beautiful colored butterfly and will use my wings to soar to even greater heights.  Grab your 40-card affirmation deck at
  • Minute 1.59 - Show Structure
  • Minute 3:30 - COACHING & Soul Work, including Lolita's 8 Strategies for STRENGTH as you condition
  • Minute 9.28 - CCOCKTAILS to celebrate the greatness of who you are
  • Minute 11.41 - COACHING with Coach Issac, when his teammates began noticing a shift in his actions and how he showed up in different spaces, particularly around women, how to think through negativity coming into your space, what to do when you lose your faith, and so much more.

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